"Like" our new Facebook page!

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By Nick Schrager


I don’t care who you are, everybody wants to be liked by others. We here at The Springfield Sun are no different. We want you to like us; not just us personally, but our newspaper. And not just the print edition, but our website and our new Facebook page, too!
Like many businesses, we started a Facebook page some time ago, but due to some technical issues with the first site, we lost some valuable information and have been forced to start over. This time, however, things are in order, and we have officially re-established a presence on Facebook.

Now, you might be wondering why you would want to bother “liking” our page. Well, it’s simple. We’re going to be giving you the opportunity to submit photos to us, share story ideas, and even give comments that will be used in the print version of our newspaper. In addition, we will also give you some sneak peeks into things that will be in our paper in coming issues, when possible, of course.
We say “our newspaper,”  but actually, it’s not our paper, it’s yours. That’s why we want you to be a part of the paper and the Facebook page we’ve established. It’s all about interactivity, and we want you to feel like you have some input in what we cover. Although we write the stories and take the photos that appear in the paper, it’s all done for you - to keep you informed about happenings in the community, and up to speed on what your local government is doing, how your kids and those of your family and friends are doing in school, athletics and other activities.
We don’t make promises here at The Sun. We know things can always happen, and bring about change. That’s just the nature of the news business. But we do want to hear from you, and we’ll listen to your suggestions. That’s where many of our stories originate - from a good tip by a reader who either has seen something of interest in the community, or just wants to see something in the paper. We won’t promise to use every idea we receive, but if we do, there’s something in it for you. Each month, we select one of our reader-suggested story ideas and award a gift certificate for free lunch for two to Mordecai’s in Springfield. That contest will continue to our Facebook page, and if you submit a story via the page and we use the tip, you will be entered in the drawing.
When we prepare for special sections that will pay tribute to members of our community, such as high school seniors about to graduate, or athletes heading to post-season tournaments, the Facebook page will also provide information about what we will be offering, and how you can have your child, niece, nephew, or friends recognized in those publications. No more forgetting deadlines - we’ll keep you posted on Facebook!
As of today, the new Facebook page is up and running. We hope you will find us by entering “Springfield Sun” in the search box, then click the “like” button at the top of the page. Our logo will be the word “Sun” written in the font used on the front page of our paper. If you see that, you’ll know you’ve found the right page.
That will get you in the loop on everything we’re doing to make your newspaper the best it can be!