Readers write for 10-24-12

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By Special to The Sun

Dear Editor,
The citizens of Boyle and Washington counties deserve representation in Frankfort that actually works for them on a daily basis. The man best capable of that for us is Barry Harmon.
I’ve known Barry since 1965. We were neighbors and formed a strong friendship. We work closely on the Boyle County Fiscal Court, where I am a magistrate and he is in his third term as Boyle County Jailer.
Barry led the way in forming the Boyle County Substance Abuse Program - the first in the nation to have round-the-clock mental triage to identify problems and get help early on so these individuals become productive members of society.
Having known Barry as long as I have, I know he will work for our citizens. To maintain his relationship with the counties, Barry will continue to attend fiscal court meeting in each county, just as he has done twice monthly in his three terms as Boyle County Jailer. He will also be the representative who makes the tough decisions despite political ramifications. The needs of the people will be first and foremost in his service.
I ask for your support of Barry Harmon for state representative this November. Please vote for Barry Harmon - a representative that will work for you.

Phil Sammons
Danville, Ky.

Dear Editor,
A vote for President Obama is a vote for the future of our country. And your  votes to strengthen and preserve a Democratic Congress will give the  president the ability to bring about the changes he was unable to complete in  the face of the Party of No.
A vote for the GOP is a vote to go back to the days of the robber barons -- to abandon compassion and care for the weakest among us, to stand by for the destruction of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, to forget about the needs of our returning military veterans, and ultimately to see the loss of millions of jobs that would come about because of enforced budget cuts at every level.
Be sure to vote on Nov. 6 -- and vote for President Obama and the Democratic candidates who will support him in Congress.

Ruby Layson
Frankfort, Ky.