Rival acts of vandalism

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By The Staff



For the past several years, and probably for years before that, the eve of the Marion - Washington County High School football rivalry usually involved some sort of mild act of vandalism.

Fields were painted. Minor damage was done.
While we don’t condone any type of vandalism, we certainly don’t condone the type of vandalism that occurred on Thursday night or early Friday morning at Washington County High School and Marion County High School.
For example, at WCHS, a golf cart, which had been donated to the football program, was destroyed. Tires were slashed, spray paint was applied, seats were ripped.
By the way, the detail work on the golf cart was donated by Gerard Mudd in memory of his son who passed away.
A memorial of sorts, destroyed by senseless acts of vandalism.
At Marion County, various things were painted on the field and the endzones.
As of Monday night, discussion was underway by school officials to potentially end the series between Marion and Washington counties.
Officials were looking into scheduling a meeting with Marion County personnel to discuss the future of the rivalry.
At press time, a decision on whether to continue the rivalry - through all sports - was pending.
When that decision is made, we’ll be sure to let you know.
It’s a shame, we believe, that it has come to this.
Two high schools, separated by a 10-minute drive, shouldn’t be forced to discuss the end of a passionate rivalry.
We agree that the subject should be discussed, however, and we can clearly see the reasons why the rivalry might end.
Should the rivalry survive, we believe it should be done so with conditions.
If another incident occurs before the game, the series ends, regardless of the severity.
We believe there is a place for passion in high school sports.
However, the acts committed by both sides aren’t acts of passion, rather, they are acts of senselessness.
We encourage fans to display school spirit in other ways than vandalism.
However, for this rivalry, it may be too late.