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Brent Young embraces the contact in football

By John Overby

It was a single play in a scrimmage between Washington County and North Oldham High School four years ago, but for Brent Young, it was much more.

North Oldham had called a toss right, but their junior running back didn’t like what he saw.

He tried to cut it back, but there was Young, standing there waiting for him.

“I was trailing the play, and I saw him when he put his foot in the ground,” Young said. “I knew what was coming, but I thought he was going to run over me. I was just a freshman, and he was their varsity running back at the time.”

But that was far from what happened in reality. Young’s hit knocked both of their helmets off and even broke his own chinstrap.

It was his first varsity tackle.

“I just put my helmet back on and went back to work,” Young said.

Young started playing football when he was in fifth grade. According to him, everybody in his family had played, and when he saw the game’s physicality, he knew he would, too.

“It’s the only sport you can actually play and hit somebody and get away with it,” Young said.

And for Young, football was the only sport that he was ever interested in.

“Football’s a year-round sport, so I’ve just kind of stuck with that,” Young said.

Despite his performance in the North Oldham scrimmage, Young didn’t start getting varsity action during the regular season until his sophomore year.

But he’s been making the opposition feel his presence ever since.

One example that especially stands out to Young was in a game against Bardstown last season.

“Their quarterback was rolling out towards the sidelines, and the second he released the ball, I just slammed him,” Young said. “He went flying into our players on the sidelines.”

Other aspects of Young’s game stands out for Head Coach Eric Sagrecy, though. He is most impressed with Young’s football IQ.

“Brent’s a very intelligent football player,” Sagrecy said. “His ability to get the guys lined up on defense, that’s something we’re going to miss next year. The other guys can look to him to know where they need to be on the defensive side of the ball, make sure they’re in the right spots…He’s just a thinker on the field.”

Young also prides himself in being dedicated to the team.

“I’ll do whatever I need to to help the team out,” Young said. “I never miss a practice unless I absolutely have to, and I give it my all every practice.”

And Sagrecy has noticed these efforts.

“He’s always been a good weight room guy, always been very strong,” Sagrecy said. “He’s a player you can always count on when you call his number.”

After graduation, there’s only one thing Young knows for sure. He’s going to be playing football because, as Young noted, there’s “no type of atmosphere like football.”

“I plan on walking on to some type of college as a fullback, whether it’s a junior college or a Division II school,” Young said. “Whether it’s just hanging out in the locker room with the guys or that adrenaline rush you get every game night, I don’t want to stop having that bond with a group of guys just yet.”