Sew this & that: March tips

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By Marion Mulligan and Rita Yates

For our show and tell this month, we would like to share this photo of the plaid fabric we spoke of last month. The plaid ended up as a shirt and  turned out better than expected. We had one happy hubby and one extremely relieved wifey!

We found an article relating to cluttered closets. How many times has this subject been talked about? You know how they become, with stuff and clothes that don’t match. Here was another solution: Put all your clothes into smaller batches. For instance, put all your slacks/skirts together, all your nice shirts, then all the short sleeve items—you get the idea. Go through the whole closet like this, then put aside all the stuff you don’t like or won’t fit. Also, use those nice velvet-type hangers that don’t slip and get rid of those tube and wire hangers. 

Now, take a look and you can see at a glance how many of each item you have; probably more of one and less of something else. Choosing an outfit now becomes much easier because you know where each item should  be located. This really is quick and works efficiently.

For our gadget this month:  Get a strip of ribbon a yard, or so, long.  Attach a pair of scissors to one end and a pen to the other end. This can be worn around the neck when mending or doing hand-sewing. You could replace the pen with a small pin cushion or other handy item and they are always close at hand.

Just a little late reminder: Our adult sewing class is at 10 a.m. Wednesday, March 12 and we are showcasing some heirloom sewing, how to sew lace to fabric, pintucks and entredeux techniques. We’ll show and tell the fundamentals of this beautiful one-of-a-kind sewing—call 336-0807 for more information.

Next up, our tip of the month:  When a pattern piece has an arrow with the arrowheads bent and pointing toward an outside line, this means to place the pattern piece with that line along a fold of the fabric.  DO NOT CUT ON THIS LINE!  Pin with the pinheads off the edge of this fold and the points going into the fabric on a perpendicular angle. It isn’t easy to cut through pins.

Finally, get your hats out girls (guys too), and give them a shake and fluff-up. Time is now approaching for Easter and then on to the Kentucky Derby. Spruce up those straw and floppy hats...check out Dee’s on Shelbyville Road in Louisville for great feathers, fabulous arrays of silk flowers and many other unusual add-ons to spruce up a simple chic hat.  Thanks for reading our little column. If there is anything you would like us to mention specifically, call 336-0807 and we will gladly add it to our next month’s writing.