The slow descent into old age (the beginnings of a Dad blog)


I tell my daughter (Emerson) frequently that she's turning her daddy into an old man.

My back hurts, I have bags under my eyes and I fall asleep much, much earlier these days.

Last night, for example, I wanted to watch my alma mater, Western Kentucky University, play a basketball game on television.

After Emerson's bedtime routine, I lay down on my favorite section of the couch.

Western was losing at halftime, but it was close.

The second half began and the teams were trading baskets each time down the floor. It was an exciting game to watch, and for the conference championship.

I kept my eyes open for roughly five minutes before I could feel them slowly dropping. Within a few more minutes, I was snoring, with my mouth wide open, on the couch.

It wasn't even 8 p.m.

My wife woke me up a little while later to let me know that Western had, in fact, won. They completed an improbable run to the NCAA tournament.

"There's confetti everywhere," she said. "What a great game."

I'm sure it was. Not for this old guy, though. My bedtime is roughly the same as my 10-month-old daughter's.

My goal is to update our blog more often. Since my life revolves around my little girl and the newspaper right now, I'm sure fatherhood will become a running theme.

Have a great week, everyone.