Time for a written agreement

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By Jesse Osbourne


By the time you read this, the issue may have been worked out.

But, I can’t let this one go. I’ve got to chime in.
Last week, during the regular scheduled city council meeting, an interesting question was raised by council member Brooke Coulter.
She wanted to know to if the city of Springfield could make a written agreement with the Lions Club outlining how much profit from concession stand sales comes back to the city.
The Lions Club has been operating the concession stand for a quite awhile, I’m told.
Coulter said she asked about the issue so that she would have a good answer when other groups and organizations asked why they couldn’t work the concession stand and use the profits to benefit their cause.
In a phone conversation on Monday, as well as at the city council meeting, Coulter expressed nothing but respect for the Lions Club.
She cited that they were responsible adults who show up on time and work hard.
To me, that sounds like a good group to have running a show.
Not to mention, they’re a good charitable organization.
I have poor eyesight, as does a lot of my immediate family members.
The Lions Club works to provide benefits to those with visual needs.
That’s definitely something I can get behind.
They also, as Lions Club President Jimbo Carrico put it on Tuesday morning, take the burden off the city by stocking and working the concession stand.
The issue is not the Lions Club in this conversation. The issue is the lack of an agreement with the city about how much profit comes back.
I don’t doubt that the Lions Club gives generously, but it can never hurt to have something in writing.
For one, everyone is on the same page and knows roughly what to expect.
Secondly, if another organization asks why they aren’t able to benefit from concession stand profits, the city can cite the agreement they have with the Lions Club.
With the organization’s track record of showing up and working hard, it would be hard to despite letting them handle the concession stand.
Coulter told me on Monday that she has spoken with Lions Club president Jimbo Carrico and that an agreement will be discussed soon.
With a written agreement, a good situation can only, hopefully, get better.
Kudos to Coulter for raising the issue. Any good service deserves a written agreement.
Kudos to the Lions Club for working hard and being responsible for the concessions.
I hope the issue is resolved smoothly and fairly. Both sides deserve to benefit from this as much as possible.
Maybe the issue is already smoothed over. Here’s hoping.