Tingle pleads guilty in pursuit case

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By Nick Schrager


Washington County Fiscal Court Magistrate Terry Tingle has pleaded guilty to a pair of charges last week.

Tingle, who was arrested on Dec. 16, 2017, for reckless driving, fleeing or evading police in a motor vehicle, and resisting arrest, pleaded guilty to amended charges.

The fiscal court magistrate pleaded guilty to careless driving, a $50 fine plus state traffic school, and fleeing or evading on foot second degree. A 30-day sentence was probated for 12 months and he was ordered to have no further violations of the law. The resisting arrest charge was dismissed with the defendant stipulating probable cause.

On top of the $50 fine, Tingle must pay $163 in court costs, all due before Oct. 8.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office released the body camera footage of Tingle’s arrest Monday morning. In the video, deputies Ian Justice and Ryan White followed Tingle’s vehicle with their emergency lights and siren on for more than 4 minutes before Tingle pulled over.

Deputy Justice told Tingle to show them his hands and for other passengers to remain in the vehicle.

“We’ve been behind you with lights and sirens all the way since we’ve turned off 555,” Deputy Ryan White can be heard saying.

After what sounds to be a shuffle, the video shows Tingle being handcuffed. Since the video is from a body camera, there are times when the camera lens is blocked by Deputy Justice’s jacket. White was not equipped with a camera because he was a trainee at the time.

“I thought it was deputies pranking me …” Tingle can be heard telling the deputies in the video.

White replied, “When you see lights and sirens, you stop. Do you understand?”

Justice then proceeded to check the drivers’ licenses of the passengers in Tingle’s vehicle.

“You’re going to jail,” he said. “You’re going to jail, OK? Fleeing and evading.”

After reading Tingle his rights, Justice returned to Tingle’s vehicle to find someone who could operate a manual transmission and drive the vehicle from the scene.

Tingle’s stepmother, Christine Carrier, was able to drive the vehicle.

“You can drive home, OK,” Justice said.

She asked where Tingle was going and Justice explained that Tingle would be going to the Marion County Detention Center.

“He can get out in the morning,” Justice said.

Tingle was released by Washington County Sheriff Jerry Pinkston before being booked in jail, however, the more than 8-minute long video does not show that happen.

Tingle, who is running for re-election, wouldn’t comment on the matter Monday morning.


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