What's that on your face?

If you see me out in the next few weeks, you may be wonder, "What is that on Jesse's face? It appears he hasn't washed it."

I assure you, my face is clean. What you see is my feeble attempt at growing facial hair. 

You may also be wondering, "Jesse, if you aren't that great at growing facial hair, why are you subjecting yourself to this?"

Good question.

While I don't like walking around looking like a moron with no self-awareness, I am doing this for a quasi-good cause. 

My friend, one of my best friends since childhood, actually, is getting married in June. He's having a mustache-themed bachelor party. 

I'm not sure how or why the mustache theme emerged, but as a good groomsman and friend, I have no choice but to oblige. Hence the growing of the facial hair. 

I've opted for growing a goatee in lieu of a mustache, at least until I leave for the bachelor party. While my goatee looks silly, an attempt at a mustache would be borderline creepy. Nothing wrong with a good mustache, but a bad one can definitely veer into a territory best occupied by villains in movies. 

So, if you see me out and wonder, "Oh my, what is that on your face," well, now you know. And, as we all learned from G.I. Joe, knowing is half the battle.