Local News

  • Teen killed by electrocution

    A 16-year-old has died as a result of a construction accident on Sept. 10 in Washington County.

    A report from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office provided to The Sun on Sept. 20, said Gilberto Medina, 16, of Louisville, was found dead at a home on Bardstown Road.

    According to the report, Washington County Sheriff Jerry Pinkston arrived on scene and was advised by EMS that there was a male lying deceased near the home.

  • District creates clause for parents with misdemeanors

    The Washington County Board of Education passed a sunset measure allowing parents with misdemeanors older than four years to supervise their children at school functions.

    “We saw that if you look at section 3; that it says applicants with convictions shall not be authorized to volunteer,” Superintendent Robin Cochran said at Monday’s board meeting.

  • AT&T expands wireless internet access

    More than 900 rural homes and small business in Washington County will be eligible for wireless internet access through AT&T and the FCC’s Connect America Fund.

    “Technology infrastructure is an integral part of our community being economically competitive,” said Washington County Judge Executive John Settles in a press release. “This last mile solution ensures our families and businesses have the connections they need.”

  • Brothers evacuate bases ahead of Hurricane Florence

    Seth and Thomas Mattingly, the sons of Steve and Vicky Mattingly, had to pack their families up in a hurry last week. That’s because the brothers, both Marines, were on station in North Carolina before Hurricane Florence struck Friday morning.

    Seth said they have experienced tropical storms, but he could sense something was different with Hurricane Florence.

    “I’d say we felt this one was going to be much more serious,” he said. “The atmosphere of it being bigger was noticeable everywhere we went.”

  • District's SRO was 2002 plane crash hero

    There’s no such thing as a typical day for Washington County’s school resource officer, but one thing’s for sure, officer Curt Bowen has had an exciting career in law enforcement.

    Before coming to Washington County as the district’s first SRO, Bowen had made a career in law enforcement in Lexington.

    “I was in the field most of the time,” he said.

    For 13 of those years, he was a field training officer, and also worked special assignments.

  • Mt. Zion Bridge vandalized

    The Mt. Zion Bridge has already been vandalized, and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office needs your help.

    According to Washington County Sheriff Jerry Pinkston, the new lumber on the bridge has already been painted on multiple times, starting from early on in the year and scattered throughout the month of August.

    “People are writing profanity, they’re drawing stuff,” he said. “Some people put their initials and dates…”

    Right now, the sheriff has three suspects on video, and more video is being reviewed.

  • Sunday deliveries for Amazon packages

    No more waiting around. The Springfield Post Office will now provide Sunday deliveries of Amazon packages throughout the county.

  • Plane has rough landing at airport

    An airplane out of Savannah, Georgia, had a close call at the Lebanon-Springfield Airport Wednesday night.

    According to Washington County Fire Chief Forrest Carrico, a Piper Lance, a single engine airplane, lost power and attempted to land on the runway after dark using pilot-controlled runway lighting.

    Carrico said the pilot told responding units the aircraft bounced when it touched down on the runway, causing the plane to go down on the nose gear, which collapsed.

    “There was no fire, no fuel lost, and no injuries,” Carrico said.

  • Heavenly Treasures

    Editor's note: Meloney Russell's name was incorrectly spelt in the print edition of this week's issue of The Sun. It has been corrected in the online version.


    Miracles are happening on Main Street.

    Heavenly Treasures has just announced that it has made more than $8,000 in donations around Washington County and beyond.

  • District to keep tax rates the same

    Tax rates will remain the same for the Washington Country School District next year.

    The proposed rate, which is the same as this year, will be 60.2 cents on real property and 61 cents on personal property. The rate means you will pay $602 on a $100,000 property.

    According to Chief Financial Officer Judy Spalding, the tax rate brought in $3,530,186 in 2018 and is expected to bring in $3,641,089.22.