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  • Creating the most with what you got

    “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.”

    Unknown Author

    I haven’t received many compliments in my life.

    But one that I did receive was sort of a “back-handed” compliment. That means it is a compliment that also has a backhanded slam against you. A good example would be “I don’t care what people say about you. I think you’re nice!“

    Sometimes a back-handed compliment is meant to hurt, sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it’s just fact.

  • County filing closes with more candidates

    Staff Report

    The deadline to file for election in May has closed for anyone running for county offices, and it closed with additional candidates putting their names in the hat late in the process.


  • Fighting epilepsy

    Tiffany Webb, a Springfield native and 2002 graduate of Washington County High School, has epilepsy. At one point in her life, she was having 100 episodes a day, though they happened so quickly, you’d never notice she had them.

    And that’s why Webb, the daughter of Joyce and Del Drury, spent five years of her life and traveled across the country with her now ex-husband to make a documentary about the potentially crippling disorder.

  • SCC purchase draws near

    Less than two years after it closed, St. Catharine College will have a new owner, and plans are in place for it to be turned into another higher learning facility.

    According to a document filed in federal court, no additional qualifying bids were received prior to Jan. 26, making the Runchero Corporation of Shelbyville the highest bidder.

    A sale hearing was held Monday morning, and it was ordered that parties should submit a revised sale order on or before Feb. 6 after press time. The revisions were submitted.

  • Kennedy passes away

    Nick Schrager


    A Washington County woman who spent nearly 20 years serving her community has passed away.

    Kay Kennedy, a former Washington County extension agent and Habitat for Humanity board member, passed away after a battle with cancer last week.

    According to Darice Russell and Cheryl Mattingly of the extension office, Kennedy was the family and consumer science agent in Washington County from 1994 until 2012. Prior to that, they said, she worked for Kentucky State University and the Christian County Extension Office.

  • Willisburg resident appears on 'Wheel of Fortune' game show

    Nick Schrager


    Joan Mazur has been watching “Wheel of Fortune” since it first aired on Dec. 1, 1975; but she saw an episode like none other last week.

    That’s when Mazur watched herself on national television, solving puzzles and winning more than $30,000 and a trip to London, England.

  • Snow keeps road crews busy

    Approximately 6 inches of snow fell in Springfield last week, and both city and county government officials are happy with the way things were handled.

    Springfield Public Works Director Glenn Mattingly said while the city averaged about 6 inches, some areas in town got a little more than that.

    “This is the biggest snow event that we’ve seen in three years,” Mattingly said. “I got out at 7:30 p.m. on Monday night and began working with plowing at 10 p.m.”

  • WCSD eligible for grant

    Nick Schrager


    The Washington County School District is eligible for a grant after it reached a certain percentage of free lunch participation.

    According to Washington County Superintendent Robin Cochran, the district will apply for the Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Grant.

    The grant is a three-year endeavor that will dispense $24.9 million to schools in the commonwealth.

    Cochran said nutrition requirements have been met for grades K-5.

  • House is total loss after blaze

    Firefighters from the Washington County Fire Department arrived at an unsalvageable situation when responding to a call last Friday evening, as both they and the homeowner could do little to stop the destruction of a home near Pottsville.

    “A total loss,” said Fire Chief Jim Logsdon. “He got nothing out.”

    Logsdon says the house belonged to Washington County resident Donald James. The house was located on Deep Creek Road, about 11 miles from Springfield down Highway 150.

  • The Tony Cecconi story

    A few years back I was watching a show about World War II on public television made by KET. It was a great show where old soldiers and sailors gave first-hand accounts of their time in the war.

    One fellow I did not know was brought back again and again for comment on what he had seen and what he had done while serving in the U.S. Navy.

    His name was Joseph Anthony “Tony” Cecconi.