Local News

  • Tingle pleads guilty in pursuit case


    Washington County Fiscal Court Magistrate Terry Tingle has pleaded guilty to a pair of charges last week.

    Tingle, who was arrested on Dec. 16, 2017, for reckless driving, fleeing or evading police in a motor vehicle, and resisting arrest, pleaded guilty to amended charges.

  • Yard sale spreads proceeds across the globe

    How far can a dollar go? Purchases during River of Life Church’s yard sale this past weekend are spreading dollars across the globe.

    The biannual yard sale is put on in order to raise money for the church’s mission fund. From there, it will be distributed to various projects and mission trips that the church organizes to aid areas in need.

  • Begley selected for Gatton Academy

    A Washington County High School sophomore has been selected to attend The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky.

    Belle Begley, the daughter of Ken and Cindy Begley, is one of the 99 Kentucky sophomores in the class of 2020 selected for the prestigious program.

  • McMillin wins Above and Beyond award

    When it comes to awards from the Springfield-Washington County Chamber of Commerce, there’s one that’s given out only so often, and that’s the Above and Beyond award.

    “This individual worked tirelessly planning and organizing, and was right in the trenches with us even though she wasn’t part of the chamber,” said Pat Rose, who presented the award. “If it came to advertising, desktop publishing, working the event, sponsoring the event – words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation.”

  • First SRO hired by district

    Washington County Schools

    Curt Bowen has been hired by the Washington County School District and the city of Springfield to be the district’s first school resource officer, according to an announcement from Superintendent Dr. J. Robin Cochran.

  • April proclaimed 'Child Abuse Prevention Month'

    Child abuse cases in Kentucky are on the rise. Nearly 57,000 reports met criteria for investigation by Child Protective Services (CPS) in 2017, according to data from CPS and the Kentucky Department for Community Based Services. That number is up from around 54,000 the year before.

  • Settles wins Lifetime Achievement award

    Nick Schrager


    Washington County Judge-Executive John Settles received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual Springfield-Washington County Chamber of Commerce’s annual awards banquet last week.

    County Attorney Bill Robinson presented the award.

  • SCC sale delayed until June 4


    The sale of St. Catharine College has hit a bump in the road.

    According to documents filed in federal court, the sale date has been extended because the purchaser was unable to fund the sale.

    A new closing date has been set for June 4, along with payments being added to the purchase price, including a non-refundable $470,000 payment, “which shall constitute a credit against the total purchase price at closign (sic).”

  • Live Easter scenes

    Bethlehem Baptist Church hosted is annual Live Easter Scenes program over the weekend.

    According to Bobby Joe Mattingly, the program, which has gone on and off for approximately 10 years, has gained in popularity over that time.

    This year, the program focused on the last 12 hours of Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection.

    On average, 100 people show up for the program.

    “The more we do it, the more it grows,” Mattingly said. “Obviously, word of mouth is key, too.”

  • Fiscal court profits from auction

    Washington County Fiscal Court just got paid for using two Mack trucks for a year.

    The two trucks more than paid for themselves at the auction, even after the man hours spent transporting them there and the 7-percent seller’s fee.

    According to Washington County Judge-Executive John Settles, one truck was sold for $145,000, and another brought in $148,500.

    Though it’s just a preliminary figure, Settles said that was a profit of approximately $1,200 when you take out purchase and lease pricing of the trucks last year.