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  • UK student finds love for volunteering

    Caleb Clements first came to the Center for Creative Living Adult Day Care because he needed to complete 10 hours of community service for a class.

    The University of Kentucky sophomore has now put in more than 50 hours since the school year started.
    Clements, 19, said he picked the center because of its location — situated inside the Lexington Senior Citizens Center off Alumni Drive. It’s close to campus and easy for Clements to get to.

  • Two not always greater than one


    Springfield and Washington County are currently served by two separate fire departments. Each department operates on its own budget, with its own sources of income. However, the departments are primarily made up of the same firefighters doing the work when a fire arises.

  • City may buy liquor store on E. High Street


  • Tonight's WC basketball games are postponed

    Tonight's basketball games against Bethlehem have been postponed. Games have not been rescheduled yet but will be since it is a district game.

  • Rumpke to work today, Saturday collecting trash

    The show must go on, and trash collectors with Rumpke will be busy today and even Saturday covering ground lost due to Thursday's ice and snow. A spokesperson with the local Rumpke office said the company will be collecting trash today, as well as Saturday, Dec. 18, to make up for the lost day of service to customers yesterday. Any questions can be directed to Rumpke at the company's Springfield office at (859) 336-3710.

  • Regional Recycling Center celebrates 10th year


    Washington County first started accepting recyclable products in 2000, working out of a donated semi trailer parked at All-Weather Insulation Company. In the first year, the county collected 30,000 pounds of recyclables. From those humble beginnings 10 years ago, today the program has left its semi trailer behind and has moved into a 30,000-square foot space in an old tobacco warehouse on West Industry Drive, and as Washington County Solid Waste Coordinator George Ann Palmer said, they are “busting at the seams.”

  • Bus incident draws school officials' attention

    An incident on a Washington County school bus last Wednesday is being investigated by school officials.
    A call to The Springfield Sun by a parent last week informed the newspaper of an alleged incident aboard a bus involving students and what some thought to be a knife.

  • Local, area schools dealing with DUIs


    If you look at various sources of media these days, it’s easier all the time to find celebrities, athletes, and other high-profile individuals who are charged with drinking and driving. Some of these well-known people openly state they don’t want to be role models. But what happens when the offender is looked at as a role model by our children?

  • The bottom line on bison

    • The decimation of bison herds in late 1800’s led the population to drop from 30 million to fewer than 1,000 at the turn of the 20th Century.
    • By 1960 the National Geographic Society estimated that 20,000 bison were alive in the United States.
    • The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s most recent Census of Agriculture in 2007 estimated that 220,000 U.S. bison live on public and private land.
    • Bison need no artificial shelter such as barns. They prefer to be outside all year despite the weather.

  • Where the bison roam


    Springfield is home to five new celebrities but the stars haven’t exactly warmed up to the place.
    These celebrities don’t have expansive houses, and you won’t catch them eating at local restaurants.  They keep it simple by grazing on grass, food pellets, yeast sac and minerals at Alltech.