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  • House is total loss after blaze

    Firefighters from the Washington County Fire Department arrived at an unsalvageable situation when responding to a call last Friday evening, as both they and the homeowner could do little to stop the destruction of a home near Pottsville.

    “A total loss,” said Fire Chief Jim Logsdon. “He got nothing out.”

    Logsdon says the house belonged to Washington County resident Donald James. The house was located on Deep Creek Road, about 11 miles from Springfield down Highway 150.

  • The Tony Cecconi story

    A few years back I was watching a show about World War II on public television made by KET. It was a great show where old soldiers and sailors gave first-hand accounts of their time in the war.

    One fellow I did not know was brought back again and again for comment on what he had seen and what he had done while serving in the U.S. Navy.

    His name was Joseph Anthony “Tony” Cecconi.

  • Waters retires from housing authority

    Nick Schrager


    Darnell Waters has been serving his community for nearly 60 years, but as of Jan. 1, his service has come to an end.

    Waters, who’s been with the housing authority since before there was a housing project on Melavin Circle, retired as a commissioner earlier this month.

    “I’m not doing this for accolades,” Waters said in an interview with The Sun. “My main objective was to improve the housing on High Street and get people in safe housing.”

  • Sign theft costing taxpayers thousands

    More than 40 road signs have been stolen in the county over the past two weeks, and while the thefts have cost taxpayers thousands of dollars, officials are worried they could cost other people their lives.

    “We’re losing so many signs that it’s an epidemic right now,” Washington County Judge-Executive John Settles said. “We don’t know where they’re going right now, so I’m trying to be cautious not to point fingers at anyone.”

  • Downs finishes in top 12 at state DYW program

    Washington County’s Distinguished Young Woman, Sarah Downs, made it to the top 12 in the state competition over the weekend.

    Making it to the final round was a memorable, albeit tense experience for the Bethlehem High School senior.

    “It was honestly kind of stressful,” Downs said. “Right after they announced us, we had to go off stage and get ready for the fitness routine.”

    And that, she said, is where things got busy.

  • Flu outbreak strikes county

    Staff Report

    The flu is so bad this year that the entire school district had to close for two days last week, and it has healthcare professionals concerned.

    According to the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, there have been more than 30 flu-related deaths so far for the 2017-2018 season.

  • The case of the sock gnomes

    After careful scientific analysis, deep research and consulting a magic eight ball I’ve come to the well thought out conclusion that our house is plagued with Evil Sock Gnomes.

    By golly, this house at 1950 Lincoln Park Road is literally invested up to the attic and beyond with them.

    Scoff, if you dare, but let me present the facts as are known to be true.

  • Michter's Distillery coming to Springfield

    Special to the Sun

    Michter’s Distillery is coming to Springfield.

    The Louisville-based distillery’s affiliate, Springwater Kentucky Realty, completed its purchase of 145 acres in Springfield, Kentucky, at the heart of the state’s historic Washington County.

  • Candidates file for 2018 election

    Staff Report

    Several more candidates have filed to run for county seats.

    Teresa Marrinan (D), Mike “Stroker” Kelty (R), and Coy Howard (R) have filed to run for the county clerk’s seat. They join William B. “Billy” Abell, who already filed for the position. The current clerk, Glenn Black, will not seek re-election.

  • Winter weather creates slick conditions in county

    Nick Schrager


    County roads saw slick conditions early Monday morning and ice is being blamed for several car wrecks.

    KY 53 in Willisburg was shutdown Monday, and a county ambulance collided with another vehicle while responding to a crash on Tick Creek Road.

    Emergency Medical Services director Mark Hale said no one was severely injured in the crash.

    Springfield Police Chief Jim Smith has some advice for drivers this winter, but said the best way to avoid a wreck in winter weather is to not drive in it all.