Today's Opinions

  • Evil cicadas and other stories

    By Ken Begley

    Guest Columnist


    “I want to die in my sleep like grandpa did. Not screaming and hollering like all the riders in his car.”

    Bumper Sticker

    Everyone has at least one personal “button” that can be pushed to guarantee instant explosive “fireworks”. Most of the time the person pushing the “button” does it innocently enough but the result is still the same.

    Do you know what my button is?

  • The closing of one chapter in my life

    By Jennifer Corbett

    Sun Summer Intern

    It’s August now, and students across the country are preparing to start school. As they start a new chapter in their life, I’m closing one of mine.

    Since May, I’ve been interning at The Lebanon Enterprise and The Springfield Sun. It’s crazy thinking back to my first day in my apartment.

  • Readers Write

    Dear editor,

    I wanted to share an issue that has been irritating a lot of teenagers around Springfield. We recently lost our right to sit around and hang out in our own town. I don’t understand why it is such a big deal if we sit in town on the weekends. I understand that people were leaving their trash in the parking lots, but if people would agree not to litter, then we should get our old freedom back.

  • Baseball dreams, desires, and reality

    Our local 11-12-year-old boys all-star team visited the Pleasure Ridge Park High School Sports Complex July 19-23 and competed against very strong teams from Nelson, Boyd, and Monroe counties at the Kentucky State Tournament.

    Though their 1-2 record did not make them eligible for the semi-finals, we missed going to the semi-final game by only six runs given in the Nelson county game. Not making the semi-finals was a heart-breaker, but I and many others who watched the all-stars play saw that they as a team did not give up.

  • Thomas

    By Ken Begley

    Guest Columnist

    You never know what kind of person you are until something incredibly bad happens. It’s how you react to what happens that reveals how deep your strength is. Sometimes, what you bring to light in these terrible times will inspire people you don’t even know.

    I heard this story and believe it to be true. It’s regarding the recent accident involving Thomas Riney.

  • Former employer praises new superintendent

    Editor’s Note:

    The following letter was submitted to Patsy Lester, chair of the Washington County School Board, in support of Mr. Robert Stafford, the new superintendent of Washington County Schools. The letter is being printed here to show the quality of the candidate our local school system has received in the hiring of Stafford. The letter was written by Mark W. Cleveland, superintendent of Owen County Schools and Stafford’s former employer.

    Dear Ms. Lester,

  • Random thoughts

    While sitting at my desk recently, a few things crossed my mind. Some are important, some maybe not so much. Still, they were on my mind, and I think I’ll share.

    • A terrible thing happened to Justin Hatchett on June 18, when the recent Washington County High School graduate was injured in a tractor accident on his family’s farm. Hatchett remains hospitalized at the University of Kentucky Medical Center in Lexington. He has been through numerous surgeries and taken more than 60 units of blood during his stay.

  • Random thoughts

    By Jeff Moreland

    Editor/General Manager

    While sitting at my desk recently, a few things crossed my mind. Some are important, some maybe not so much. Still, they were on my mind, and I think I’ll share.