Today's Opinions

  • LETTER: Commander Days not the answer

    Dear editor,
    I, for one, am getting tired of hearing about this “Commander Day” stuff. And was really tired of it when my child came home from school and said that students were being threatened or bullied into doing work that is not mandatory to do. I do not appreciate my child’s grades being threatened or my child being threatened with detention because she doesn’t want to do “busy” work that does not pertain to her.

  • LETTER: A warning for tourney time

    Dear editor,
    March is that time of year when basketball fans come alive. Tournaments around the country draw hundreds of thousands of fans who spare no expense to support their favorite teams. The madness that concerns me is of another kind. This exciting basketball season often brings with it a spike in commercial sex trafficking, specifically, human trafficking.

  • Voice behind the cry for help

    The recently released video showing the rescue of 18-month-old baby, Lily Groesbeck, is dramatic. The rescue team works frantically to flip the car, submerged in the frigid waters of the Spanish Fork River outside Salt Lake City, Utah, so they might rescue any survivors.

    They had heard a voice---a woman’s voice softly but desperately crying for help.

  • House painter

    My church believes, and probably many others, in a lot of counseling before a couple gets married.

    It’s a good idea.

    It’s not really counseling. It’s more like getting to intimately know the person you want to live with forever. You get into all sorts of areas that never come up in normal dating. You know, things like money, where’re you going to live, how about kids, and so on.

    It’s a great idea.

  • Not one, but two for the ages

    Well, that was a whopper. two whoppers to be exact. I’ve never seen anything like the two winter storms we just experienced and I don’t think that’s strictly my age talking.

    After the snow three weeks ago, it was said that it was the largest in the area since the 1990s, maybe even since the storm of 1978 dropped 18 inches in two days.

    After last week, the comparisons seem to have ceased. I’m not sure many of us can say we’ve seen anything like the two storms we just experienced, especially around these parts.

  • Snow lovers, haters and laters

    Since the last snow storm trounced my part of the country, I’ve come to the conclusion that the world can be neatly divided into three distinct groups of people:  snow lovers, snow haters, and what I’ve dubbed snow “laters,” laters being a combination of those who both love and hate snow.

  • The Miracle Man called home

    “God gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers.”
    - Unknown

    I like that quote.

    My wife was coming home from the hospital last Thursday after her father died. It was late at night after a very long day. We waited up for her so we could give her a hug and let her know that we love her so very much.

  • The Brett Show brought it all

    By G.B. Dixon

    A distinct variety of fulfilling entertainment was February’s appeasement for wearying us with intense cold, and pelting us with water in varying degrees of solid. There were plays and concerts, musicals and musicales. The past week in particular was jammed with much to do.