Today's Opinions

  • Looking at Earth Day history

    The first Earth Day was officially held on April 22, 1970. However, this day evolved over seven years when Sen. Gaylord Nelson in 1962 encouraged President Kennedy to spotlight the environment in the U.S. At  Sen. Nelson’s urging, President Kennedy, in 1963, went on a five-day 11-state conservation tour and planted the seed for the eventual Earth Day as we know it.

  • Dandy Dan and Fat Sam

    “If it was raining brains, Roxy Robinson wouldn’t even get wet.”

    Fat Sam

    Bugsy Malone Jr. and his hoodlums are riding into Springfield’s Opera House on May 13 and 14 at 7 p.m.
    This play is being performed by the Bluegrass Kids section of the Central Kentucky Community Theatre group. All 26 youngsters in this play are from local elementary schools and adjoining counties as directed by our own Jan Fattizzi.

  • Those incredible doggie heroes

    I could have sworn my dog, Max, quietly napping on my left side, perked up when Diane Sawyer introduced the story about the Navy SEAL dogs on the evening news. Max’s brother, Baylor, with eyes half closed, was perched like a cat on the arm of the couch. But when Diane mentioned those heroic dogs, he snapped to attention, instantly turning his head in the direction of the television.
    At least I thought he did.
    My miniature Schnauzers are about as close to being Navy SEAL dogs as I am to being a Navy SEAL. But we three enjoyed the story anyway.

  • What does famous mean to you?

    What is famous?
    If you take Merriam-Webster’s word for it, the word famous means that a person is widely known, or honored for achievement.
    If you take my word, famous has a whole new meaning, and it’s kind of sad.
    I was working The Kentucky Derby this past Saturday, and the main reason I was there was to photograph the race for newspapers throughout the parent company of The Springfield Sun.

  • April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

    To the Editor,
    April is Prevent Child Abuse Month and the theme this year is  “It’s Your Turn to Make a Difference.” The Washington County Homemakers are trying to make a difference by making people aware of this problem. In 2010 in Kentucky there were 61,754 children reported as abused or neglected and 19,500 children substantiated. In Washington County there were 116 reported and 48 substantiated.

  • A musical spectacular

    “Music speaks what cannot be expressed
    Soothes the mind and gives it rest
    Heals the heart and makes it whole
    Flows from heaven to the soul.”

    Unknown author

    One thing that always irks me is when people feel like they have to leave the county for fine entertainment. You know what I mean? It’s as if it can’t be good or you can’t have great talent if you come from here. Baloney.

  • Readers speak out on Sunday wine sales

    Editor’s Note:
    A story announcing the plans for Horseshoe Bend Winery to expand its business hours and offer Sunday wine sales and tasting was published in the March 16, 2011, issue of The Springfield Sun. The Washington County Fiscal Court voted to approve the proposed ordinance on Friday, March 25, 2011. In the March 30, 2011, issue of The Sun, it was announced that the fiscal court had approved the measure and conducted the first reading of the ordinance.

    Dear Editor,

  • Open your home to an exchange student

    4-H International Programs have given thousands of youth and families through the years and throughout the United States the opportunity to open their homes to an exchange student and their lives to the world.  Washington County has a rich tradition in the past of hosting exchange students both, nationally and internationally.