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  • SCC women beat Berea; fall to Walsh


    Of course every coach will say that their team must “take it one game at a time.” And that coach-talk is something that players may or may not buy into.

  • St. Catharine Alley Pats end first half of season


  • Fire protection association to quit Dec. 31

    The following is an open letter submitted to The Springfield Sun by Jim Logsdon, president of the Washington County Fire Protection Association, which was also signed by other officers of the group.

  • Tiger Woods: A good role model?

    Do as I say, not as I do.
    I’ve heard people older than me use that phrase from time to time since I was a young boy. I don’t agree with it in general, but it could possibly be worth listening to after all.
    This time last year, Tiger Woods had it all together. He was the top golfer in the world, and he enjoyed a flashy, jet-setting lifestyle that almost anyone would envy. He had a beautiful wife and two children. Oh, and he was also listed as the first professional athlete to earn more than $1 billion in his career, according to Forbes Magazine.

  • Gracious gifts from God

    “My Uncle Mordecai saved my father by shooting an Indian who was creeping up on him with a tomahawk.”

    Abraham Lincoln

    You might know that Abraham Lincoln was president when he issued his famous 1863 proclamation establishing a day of thanks for the “gracious gifts of the Most High God.” This officially recognized what we know today as “Thanksgiving.”

  • Forgotten things remembered

  • S. Wiley: Theater carpenter

    It was breakfast last Saturday at the Ken Begley house. Everyone was asleep except for me and my 89- year-old former New York City financial advisor, Mr. S. Wiley. I’ve been holding Mr. Wiley hostage for the last few years, ever since he lost all my retirement money in the stock market bubble when it popped.
    Mr. Wiley was drinking his coffee and reading the paper when he said, “My, my young man, I’ve lived 89 years I’ve never seen such a shellacking in all my life.”
    “You mean Obama and the Democrats in the last election?”

  • Patriots finish tournament 1-1

    Just as every Mid-South Conference team, St. Catharine College views the Georgetown Tigers as the team to beat each year. And this year, after meeting them last weekend in an early season tournament, J.T. Burton’s team will have three chances to upend the league’s perennial heavyweight.
    Make that two chances now, as Burton’s bunch dropped a 78-66 decision at Georgetown Friday in the first round of the Andrew Elswick Memorial Tournament. The Patriots, however, did make amends on Saturday with an 81-50 rout of Southern University-New Orleans.