Today's Opinions

  • Rogue rosaries and captive crosses

    Wearing rosary beads has become fashionable, among gangs. That’s right. Gangs are wearing rosaries - beads grouped in series of tens, attached to a crucifix. For hundreds of years, rosaries have been a helpful means of prayer for many Christians. But the gangs are using them for something other than prayer.

    “It’s become part of the look,” said Victor Castro, a detective and school resource officer who leads gang awareness training in Hillsboro, Oregon. “They use it as a reminder of protection.”

  • All alone

    You know, it’s a really crazy, fast-paced world we live in. It’s so fast paced that we frequently get on each others’ nerves, and the resulting stress makes you just want to run away.

    You ever feel that way?

    You ever wish you could be on some deserted island, or off in some faraway mountains? Go where no one was there, and you had nothing you had to do. If so, then you might enjoy a couple of stories I have, and the answer might be surprising.

  • Lost in the big city: Lessons for travelers

    “I’ve never been lost but I was confused once for three days.”

    Daniel Boone on traveling through Kentucky

    The following lessons are for travelers to the big city.

    Sit down there, Junior Woodchuck, while the wise woodsman passes on some knowledge.

    Lesson 1:

    The Internet lies

  • Reader is ready for political change

    Dear Editor,

    I believe it is time for all Amercians no matter what your political orientation to move this country forward on a direct path given the current dissatisfaction with Congress (22-28% disapproval) and the current laws they have passed.

    Our vote, and our voices need to be heard throughout the land, that the change in leadership and the changes since the 2008 election have not been appreciated nor desired by the citizens of this great country. We as Americans have the right to ask Congress and the US Government to change.

  • The worker's lament

    Was it a message from Above? Did the New York City transit system leave it? Or was it an intriguing ad, maybe even an experimental one, coming from Madison Avenue?

  • When you say goodbye

    “Jesus Wept.”

    John 11:35

    I wrote a small piece in the paper a few weeks ago to my Aunt Clarine on the loss of her husband of 58 years. I didn’t expect that only three weeks later, a double tragedy would come to her doorstep.

  • Community theatre is all about community

    The last show in the Central Kentucky Community Theatre’s 2009-10 season is almost upon us; “Annie” opens on Aug. 20. Our 2010-2011 season is scheduled, though we’ve had a few exciting last-minute changes. (For instance, we’re doing “Hairspray” in April! Yay!)

  • Reader speaks out on High Street issues

    To the Editor,

    I’m writing in regards to the article in the paper where High Street residents attended the city council meeting voicing their opinions about High Street.

    I do not live on High Street, so I can’t say what’s going on, except what I see when I go through, and it looks almost like it was years ago when I hung out on High Street. This was just a place to get together with your friends. I imagine some of the residents complaining used to do the same thing. It’s just that they’re too old to do it now.