• Welcome to the first issue of The Springfield Sun in 2012.

    We’ve got a lot of news for you this week, and we hope to continue bringing you pages full of interesting and helpful information for the next 51 weeks.
    Among the items in this week’s paper is an interview with author Jim Higdon about his upcoming book: “The Cornbread Mafia.”
    Many of you know that I’m a Marion County native, so the title is very familiar to me.

  • “I cook with wine; sometimes I even add it to the food!”
    ~W.C. Fields


    Food and nutrition are important programs conducted by all 4-H and Cooperative Extension Offices. We all need to eat right and it’s not always easy to do, especially when we have all of the leftovers from the holidays! 


  • Dear Editor,

    To whom it may concern, especially residents of Rizer Avenue and Neal Street. Cats are being caught in ‘Have a Heart’ cages and taken out on the highway and turned loose with no water, food or shelter.
    This is inhumane and is being reported to the Humane Society.
    Also, it is against the law to dump animals on the road.
    If your cat goes missing, you can be sure this is what happened. I hope this doesn’t happen to you.

    Cecilia Warner

  • Editor’s Note: Bob Lochte is a professor and chair of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications at Murray State University.
    His opinions are his own and do not represent the official view of the Kentucky Press Association, Murray State University or any government agency in the Commonwealth.

  • Lately, as I traveled the country towns of central Kentucky, I’ve noticed a gradual shift in the names of the churches along the highways.

  • “Then they scoffed, He’s just the carpenter’s son.”

    Matthew Chapter 13, Verse 55
    If only those people knew what we know now.
     Christmas is a celebration of a promise made and of a promise kept by God Almighty when He sent down His only Son.
    It’s a time to be grateful not for what you get, but for what you already have.

  • We received the following article from the Alison Smith, Director of Marketing with the Kentucky Beef Council.  We are excited to hear this about eating beef again.

  • Dear Editor,

    “A Special Event for Special Needs” was held on November 19, 2011 at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Springfield Ky. This event was a poker run, chili and hotdog dinner, auctions and a dance with live band featuring a local teenager “Sticktight”Akins as lead singer.
    This event was a fund raiser with all proceeds going to “A Special Place.”

  • “You’d better get what’s left of your garden in; we’re going to have a hard freeze tonight,” Glen, my gardening mentor, warned me several weeks ago.  And so I carried in the tomato vines, picked the peppers, and salvaged what okra was left. In the garage, they are now ripening so fast that some are beginning to rot before we can get them eaten. My wife tolerates my boastful proclamation: “It’s November, and we still enjoy the garden,” as if this justifies the time devoted to working the ground this past summer.

  • Every year at this time, no matter which newspaper, a request comes in to take pictures of someone’s Christmas decorations.

    Sometimes, multiple requests come in.
    This year and this newsroom are different, except for one thing.
    This year, I invite you to photograph your Christmas lights and decorations and send them in.
    If I get enough high-quality photos, I’ll run a picture page highlighting your lights and decorations.
    If I don’t get enough, we’ll run a slideshow online.

  • Seeing isn’t believing. Believing is seeing.
    - Little Elf Judy
    Every now and then, I hear somebody question the existence of one of the Lord’s right hand men, namely Santa Claus.  Children, true believers, are too smart to make such a preposterous error.  They have the sacred trust of true knowledge that comes from pure hearts untainted by a grownup world.

  • Dear Editor,

    November is Adoption Awareness month.  In recognition of this unique way in which to become a family, white ribbons will be worn.  I ask that all of you who are touched by adoption to please wear a white ribbon during the month of November.  If you see someone wearing a white ribbon, please ask him/her how adoption has affected their life.  If you are interested in learning more about adoption, call (800)928-4303.

  • The two old men sat on their usual bench in the afternoon sun, sharing stories and opinions from years of friendship. 

    “You know, I went to my grandson’s house for supper last week. Dangest way of doing things nowadays.  When I was young, we ate supper in the kitchen, and went to the outhouse for our business.  Now they eat supper outside and the toilet is inside, bigger and fancier than most kitchens.  Maybe I’m getting old, but it just seems backwards to me. “

  • Believe it or not, we strive to do our jobs well here at The Springfield Sun. My goal each time I walk into the building is to provide fair news coverage for the readers of this newspaper.

    A phone call last week prompted me to verify my approach.

  • If you truly know me and Cindy, then you can understand the phrase “opposites attract.”  Actually, that is a misinterpretation.  The phrase should be “opposites attack.”

     Cindy and I are just not on the same sheet of music.  We disagree on almost everything, even small things, and it leads to some pretty bazaar arguments that resemble old “Abbott and Costello” comedy routines.

  • We had just left the Hindu temple when I noticed the red dot on my mother’s forehead. It was the “tilaki,” the third eye or mind’s eye, associated with many Hindu gods, also symbolizing the idea of meditation and spiritual enlightenment. I, a recent graduate of a high school education, feeding on my scholastic possibilities, feeling strong in my evangelical superiority, upbraided my mother: “You let them mark you! And, that’s a false religion.”

  • . . . and their grandsons.

    More about that in just a minute.
    Washington County High School does a lot of things well, but do you know what they do great?
     It’s their Veteran’s Day program, which they have been holding for the past several years.
    I’ve been told by many people that I ought to stop in and see why so many veterans look forward to attending this program every year.
    My curiosity was piqued,  and I attended it early on this past Friday, Nov. 4.


    Last weekend was a first for me, as I traveled to my alma mater to check out the state marching band finals. 

    Being back on Western Kentucky University’s campus always stirs up memories, as you might expect. 

    I have never been to a marching band competition, but I have heard a lot about them over the years.