Should Washington County get a new high school?

Washington County school officials are considering building a new high school. What do you think? Should they build a new school, or renovate the old one?

What do we want in a new high school?

Well, Jeff Moreland posted the question some time back asking if we should get one and now it looks as if that has been decided. I was talking to a school board member the other day and shared my thoughts on what would be important to me if I were planning a new school. What about you? Have you talked to them? What would you tell them about where it should be built? About the type of building? About the services the building should accomodate? About sports facilities?

Should Washington County build a new high school?

The Washington County School Board will hold a meeting Wednesday, Nov. 3 at 5:30 p.m. for public comment on a new high school. Do you think a new school should be built?

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