en God's hope for our churches <p> &ldquo;For where two or three meet in my name, I am there among them.&rdquo;</p> <p> Jesus Christ</p> <p> The bible verse from Matthew 18:20 is a pretty powerful statement.</p> <p> It is God&rsquo;s promise that if two or more persons gather in good faith in his name and search for God&rsquo;s will, then he will be there to guide them.</p> <p> St. Dominic Church is trying to renew our ministry to our own congregation and to the lives of those about us by falling back on this Bible verse.</p> Plastic strategies <p> Martha Young</p> <p> New Pioneers Voices</p> <p> In all the seasons of the year, our cattle and sheep rotate over the farm, grazing new growth grass for a few days, then moving to the next pasture. They have become so familiar with this routine that they anticipate the next move and gather at the gap, waiting; when the tractor motor sounds down the valley, they begin to talk to the farmer. &ldquo;It&rsquo;s time.&rdquo; they say. When the gates are open, the exodus begins. After a few hours, the move is complete, stragglers gathered in, and the fences are back in place.</p> A call to action for all Kentuckians <p> More than 8,600 children in our commonwealth currently reside in foster care. That is more than the population of 16 of our Kentucky counties.</p> <p> Think about that.</p> <p> Many of these children are awaiting adoption; others remain in foster care, since parental rights have not been terminated. They need our help &ndash; the children, and the families who foster them.</p> There isn't one answer <p> Dear Editor,</p> <p> Wednesday morning, I was sitting at my computer at work brainstorming when my phone buzzed, then buzzed again, and again.</p> <p> &ldquo;What in the world?&rdquo; I thought, pulled from the fog of words and sentences. I dug my phone from my purse to find text after text from both of my teen stepdaughters, panicked and frightened.</p> <p> &ldquo;There&rsquo;s a threat here&hellip;&rdquo; one wrote.</p> AR-15s must be bannned <p> Dear Editor,<br /> <br /> SROs needed <p> Dear Editor,<br /> <br /> I&rsquo;m writing today as a parent, and to express my concerns about our school system and its inadequate security given the world we live in.<br /> I am 100 percent confident that the staff in our schools would do everything in&nbsp;<br /> their ability to stop harm from coming to our children. Unfortunately we live in a time when we see violent crime far too often and in places that are most vulnerable to it, like schools.<br /> Gun ad was unfortuante timing <p> You probably noticed the advertisement wrapped around the front page of the Feb. 21 issue of The Springfield Sun.</p> <p> If you didn&rsquo;t, it&rsquo;s what we in the newspaper business call a spadea, and it wrapped around the front portion of the newspaper&rsquo;s front page, and completely enclosed the back page of the paper.</p> Beware of paper mache answers <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> President Trump&rsquo;s solution of arming teachers in schools to take on crazed killers is a paper mache answer to a very serious problem.</p> <p> Let me explain what I mean.</p> <p> I was serving on active duty with an army reserve engineer company about 33 years ago. We built panel bridges. Our unit was having a very extensive annual inspection from higher command, which also included security of unit assets from theft.</p> <p> My new commander pulled out our prior inspection report results to see what areas had been listed as discrepancies.</p>